It’s been some time since my last update on here, and that mainly has to do with the weather in New Zealand at the moment. It has been raining for weeks now and that means we haven’t been able to do much exploring. We knew August/September is rain season here, but we really didn’t want to wait any longer to go on our trip, so we’ll just have to grin and bear it!

We did manage to go on a little daytrip to Tarawera Falls and Rotorua, so here’s some of the photo’s we took there.

The Falls are accessible through a private forest (gravel) road, which is about 25km until reaching a car park. From there it’s about a 20 minute walk through the bush before reaching the viewing point. On our way we saw a dead wallaby lying in the middle of the road, being torn apart by a falcon. I don’t know about you but I’ve only ever seen things like that on Discovery, so that was quite impressive. Later we saw another (live) wallaby sitting at the side of the road, which kindly let us take its picture. Like possums, wallabies are considered pests in New Zealand, which means they’re available for hunting. I just thought it was cute..


We also made a stop at the Redwoods (I wrote about the Redwoods in another post)

HONEY I’M HOME! (Hell’s Gate, Rotorua)

Even though the rain makes it feel like autumn (which is kind of nice at times because I’ll be missing out on autumn – my favourite season – this year), it’s actually spring in New Zealand, which means the whole street has turned pink from the cherry blossom trees. Makes me excited for our little trip to Japan in March!

img_4740img_4744img_4750img_4757(yes it was actually DRY out for 5 seconds when I took these photo’s)

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